Prostitution – The World’s Oldest Profession

Prostitution has been around since the dawn of man, and received with good reason the title of “the world’s oldest profession”. Kings, emperors and tsars all kept prostitutes in their courts.

In ancient Greece, prostitution was part of the scenery, and was considered as moral as voting for senate. Even then, the Greeks realized that brothels should be owned by the government. They even set a fixed rate for their services… Greek’s top prostitutes were the only women allowed to work and earn on their own conditions. Their modern equivalents are our VIP escorts, which see escort as both means and end…

The Roman Empire used to mix business with pleasure by placing brothels next to markets, and just like them, we wish to provide the finest escorts for people of means who can appreciate the finer things… One of Rome’s elders once said “We have entertainers to please us, mistresses to fulfill our bodily needs and women to preserve our legacy”.

The Japanese have realized long ago that the gap between these feminine ideals cannot be bridged, and that it is better to institutionalize it. Thus the ancient role of the Geisha was born – the entertainment girl. Her traditional role was to host the gentleman, satisfy his intellectual appetite and arouse his senses. Though the traditional, true Geisha did not lay with her gentlemen (illegal in Japan), some of them just could not resist and ventured away from tradition…

In short, prostitution is a given. What changes is society’s view of it. We believe it is best that escort services operate in a formal, above-ground manner. That gives us the ability to offer our clients and our escorts the best treatment possible – VIP. 

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