Playing it Safe – Sex story

There are different kinds of meeting, sometimes it is normal dating with long meetings and conversations or sometimes a surprise one when a man tries to talk to you in public transport or on the street. Sometimes it starts with a respectable offer and sometimes it’s coarse. Once there was a man who asked me how much I was taking for a blowjob, of course our acquaintance was over that second. There was a case when a man tried to force me into the car, fortunately there were other people around me.
Even with regular dating not everything is clear. We can agree to meet on coffee or meal  and it can end with an unplanned sex.
Since childhood I have lived in Tel Aviv in the area of all the buildings of the university, it’s very large buildings. When I passed those buildings, I would never have thought to myself that one day I would visit inside and especially not for the reasons that had happened.
At first nothing would look special, a man I knew picked me from home. We just planned to walk around town maybe go somewhere. I do not know what caused him to change his plans, but I’m pretty sure these were his plans from the beginning. He said he was taking me to his work and, as it turned out, he worked in one of those buildings.
Security opened the gate to him without to much questions, apparently already familiar with him. We reached the parking lot of the building and got out of the car.
The building was big inside, already in the car I understood why he brought me here. So I had two options: yell with a demand to stop the vehicle or do nothing. Of course I had to choose the first option directly, but my thoughts and deliberations for him were good enough to understand that I agreed. I felt him hold me, I felt his passion for me, though on the side nothing showed it. We talked about different things that were not related to the sex that was supposed to happen to soon.
I loved the building, even though I did not come here to study but to fuck. As I understood that the men who worked in academia were just ordinary men with their own needs. I must point out that he was pretty young, in the first part of his thirties maybe and seemed very serious and intelligent. He opened his office, let me in and locked the door behind him. There was no need to turn on the light, for the light of the streetlights was satisfactory.
“Get undressed” – that’s simple and without giving me any chance of resistance, he told me
“Here it started” – I thought to myself – “Good, sex then so be it, it’s too late to say no”
I took off my clothes, folded them on the chair. He was already naked, on a leather couch and his cock already hard.
“Come here,” he said, gesturing with his hand near him.
A little embarrassed I sat next to him, it is always exciting to sit next to a naked man with a hard cock.
He began to stroke my shoulders and legs with his fingers and then pulled me hard to him and kissed. It was a very long, sensual kiss. Then, he put his hand between my legs
“I see you’re already wet!”
 I had nothing to say to him, I really got horny from the kiss. He put two fingers and then three inside, it was very moving,I could hardly keep myself from moaning.
He dropped me on the side and went from the back, although he prepared me with his fingers but his cock was quite big and it hurt a bit. It made me scream. But he did not stop and kept getting deeper and deeper.
He began to move, slowly at first and then faster and faster. He fucked me and my body trembled with pleasure and I could not stop moaning.
“Where do you want me to cum?” – he asked me
“On the face” – I told him
He fucked me hard and my screams did not bother him at all. It went on for a long time, without stopping, and my only thought was, “When will he cum?” Then it happened, he took out his cock and splashed his seed on my face. After that happened he lit a cigarette and I lay there, without even the strength to clean his semen
The evening did not end there, but he knew what he was doing when he brought me to this office.
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